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Changegate car park, Haworth revisited. Keeper details leaked by West Yorkshire Police employee

[Update 31/7/2016 Mr Evans has contacted the Prankster to say he disagrees with elements of this post. The post has therefore been updated to include mr Evans views]

The Prankster previously blogged about his visit to Changegate car park, Haworth. Although The Prankster did not get a ticket, many other visitors have, and the forums are rife with tales of charges for ridiculous reasons, such as the ticket being upside down, or of possible entrapment by a mysterious woman in a BMW handing over her ticket so motorists could be charged with reusing an invalid ticket. [Prankster note. No conclusive evidence either way has been presented about this mystery lady]
These men are thugs who profiteer from various scams.
A popular one at the moment is to have a woman (usually a large lady leaving in a BMW) offer you a ticket with lots of time left on it. They then clamp you for transferring the ticket. This woman is clearly in on the deal.
The car park is run by Car Stoppers aka ex-magistrate Ted Evans and The Prankster wondered how he contacted motorists as he is not a member of a parking-related accredited trade association and so should not be able to get keeper details from the DVLA.

This post on facebook, offers a suggestion. Keeper addresses were apparently illegally obtained through a West Yorkshire Police contact. (Mr Evans disagrees with this version of events).
Gareth Evans, Edward's son, was having an affair with an employee of the West Yorkshire Police, a lady from Haworth called Mrs V**** B*******.
Mrs B*******, on many occasions, provided information off the Police National Computer to Gareth to chase up car park disputes, as the DVLA will not provide them the licence to obtain vehicle keeper details.
The Facebook page Changegate car park Hawarth reveals further items of interest. Ted Evans is apparently suing journalist Graham Smith for defamation, part of which is for linking to a song. The song was written by Adrian Crozier and is apparently not complimentary about Mr Evans. To date two sets of solicitors have excused themselves from the claim, leaving Mr Evans to represent himself.

Ted Evans also apparently contributed to the hounding of local policeman Vaughan Evans (no relation) out of his job. Graham Smith has recorded a series of interviews with Vaughan Evans. The interviews are lengthy, but worth listening to to get an idea of the way Ted Evans apparently operates, and how he apparently used his contacts with senior policeman to manipulate events. Mr Evans disagrees with this version of events, stating this information is "from a disgraced police officer and a deluded reporter, who have simply teamed up."

Interview one

Interview two

In the interviews Vaughan Evans explains how he was seriously assaulted by Ted Evans son, James, and after that Ted set out on a mission to discredit the policeman and hound him out of his job, a mission which was eventually successful. A third episode is apparently on its way.

The allegation regarding the potential abuse of keeper addresses is extremely worrying. The DVLA have many times stated both to parliament and the public at large that they take great care to protect keeper data and to keep it safe from unscrupulous hands. In The Prankster's opinion there can be few more unscrupulous people than those running Changegate Car Park Haworth, given their reported history of threats, violence, perjury and vexatious litigation. The Prankster is interested on finding out whether they did ever obtain keeper details to pursue parking charges, and if so, how these details were obtained. If they do not obtain keeper details, then the charges are essentially unenforceable, as there is no way to contact the driver or keeper.

The Prankster considers that if you were a vehicle keeper and received a letter regarding parking charges at this car park then it may be worth investigating how your address was obtained. If it was obtained illegally then you may have a valid case against Ted Evans, Car Stoppers or Mrs V*** B*** or West Yorkshire Police and you may also have a valid Data Protection complaint. Please contact The Prankster if you want to be put in touch with other victims.

As an aside, Ted Evans was probably the person who most contributed to getting clamping banned. When he clamped speaker Betty Boothroyd the chain of events ended with The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, which banned clamping and introduced keeper liability instead.

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  1. WYP, again?
    Worthy of another cover-up. I mean internal investigation.
    The release of information by a police employee is within the overall responsibilities of the police.
    I presume the ICO has been advised?


    1. Yep, that's me, months later I took him to court and he was found to be a perjurer by respected Judge Lingard.Ted cried.

  3. Does David know Victoria is having an affair?

    If this is true, it's outrageous!


    WOW! So The Prankster's blog was about the gentle, caring side of private parking all along. :-o

  5. Well, anyone whose details were obtained illegally could have cause to sue Ted Evans for 750+ for the DPA breach.

    1. if he is registered with them

  6. Or sue the police, or even both.

  7. Funny Ted Evans calls me disgraced Officer. I've never felt disgraced, I was proud to be sacked from a corrupt force that has ignored this pervert for 25 years. As for calling Graham deluded, Ted used his services regularly before Graham recorded the facts from me. It was Ted who put us together ironically.

  8. Am I allowed to link to this story or will I be sued again?

  9. Lots revealed here;